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LANDinfoNET Ltd was formed by the amalgamation of Graham & Graham (since 1972) with Beresfort Legal Agency (since 1981) under the directorship of David Graham and Management of Janelle Weir.

The combined strength of two strong companies:
A brief history

Graham & Graham Limited being a totally service orientated firm that began in 1972. Founder Bob Graham left a 15-year career with Land & Deeds (now LINZ), where he was a senior Registrar of Land and Companies, to provide a vital interface between solicitors and the Land Transfer system. Bob's vision was to provide a service running the gamut from simple searching through to expert technical advice on the Land Transfer Act 1952, related legislation and the idiosyncrasies of LINZ and its systems.

In 1990 David Graham became a partner after a 7-year history working for (and in partnership with) the legal profession. David's goal is to set the highest standard of service for the modern conveyancer in an increasingly dynamic Land Transfer and PPSR system, where LINZ and other government departments move ever forward into the information technology age.

Beresfort Legal Agency began in 1981 as a small division of a Property Management Group. Since then it diversified, grew and expanded from 4 staff and one office, to 16 staff and offices in Auckland and Hamilton. Beresfort Legal being fully committed to customer satisfaction and providing the best possible service, including friendly, highly trained staff and expert knowledge of the fast changing Land Transfer system.

In 1998, Des Wragge Legal Agents was incorporated into Beresforts to produce a "one stop, complete service" legal agency dedicated to keeping abreast of the changing world of conveyancing and offering technical consultancy in all degrees.

In 1999, Janelle Weir became Manager after 7 years of being with the company from the early beginnings and through into the amalgamation.

We want to convey to you our confidence, responsibility and ability to tackle all your search, eDealing and registration requirements - from basic title searching through to your most difficult registration dealings in a prompt, efficient and professional manner. We can provide land transfer precedents, consultancy and the drafting all types of Land Transfer documents.

We are committed to providing to you with service of the highest quality, based upon our intimate working knowledge of LINZ, Personal Property Securities Register, Companies, Courts and Maori Land Court systems. We have extensive experience in the application of the Land Transfer Act 1952 and related legislation, and can advise of any relevant legislative amendments as and when they occur. It is this knowledge and experience that allows us to provide you with sound advice you can trust on all the ramifications of searching and registration.

Standardised systems -We have standardised systems in place for our New Zealand-wide service. E-registration includes our extensive pre-lodgement document checks, preparation of the A&I form and eDealing as per your instructions. We are able to liase directly with LINZ staff and provide you with progress reports and detailed analysis of requisitions where necessary.

Our nationwide search systems enable us to provide you with accurate search results within the timeframes you specify. Our systems are constantly evolving to enable us to provide you with the most efficient and cost effective service possible. You can rely upon LANDinfoNET to provide you with reliable information you can act upon with confidence. At LANDinfoNET, we recognise that timely and correct information is of the essence in today's commercial world.

Computerised systems- since 1988, we have progressively developed our own computerised system to meet our specific needs. We hold a database of all your firms' authors, accounting specifics and communication details. We have strict compliance standards in respect of the secure storage of all eDealing documentation, that data is stored in our database. We are able to access and update this information at each stage of the registration process.

Our system is network based, allowing each of our staff to access your records from their desktop PCs. This enables us to answer most of your enquiries over the phone, and also to provide you with reports when required.

Consultancy - Our Land Transfer Consultants are all ex LINZ senior Land Registrars and have a cumulative working experience with that organisation exceeding 40 years. Through our dealings with them over the years, we can assure you of their ability to providing technical advice of the highest quality.

Backing up our consultants' knowledge is an extensive precedent library and our subscriptions to conveyancing texts such as Brookers, Adams, Torrens Talk and the Conveyancing Bulletin. We also have the New Zealand Statutes and Regulations updated monthly by CD or daily online.

Our ability to act on the widest variety of instructions has been proven time and time again and we feel sure that both your firm and your clients will benefit by making us an extension of the services you already provide. We can prepare documents on your behalf and take the stress out of you having to research those "one off " type dealings.

By allowing us to keep abreast of the ever-changing LINZ, PPSR, Companies, Courts and Maori Land Court systems, you can concentrate on what you do best - looking after your clients' interests.

We feel we stand-alone from our competitors because of our ongoing investment in the best staff and the cutting edge in equipment and technology.

Should you wish to know more about any of the systems or procedures we use, or our ability to act effectively as your agents, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully
LANDinfoNET Limited

David Graham